Healing by reducing stress

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle and nurturing practice. It is a non-intrusive complimentary therapy, working with reflex points on the feet which correspond to different areas of the body. Effleurage massage techniques and varying pressure is applied to stimulate, sedate and balance, bringing the systems of the body back into homeostasis, the natural state of balance and restoring health of body and mind.

How does reflexology work?

One of the main methods of healing by reducing stress though the practice of reflexology, is allowing homeostasis to return to all systems of the body.  For healing to occur a person is assisted into a state of deep relaxation, as well as specific energy blockages or areas of imbalance being targeted during a treatment.
When the nervous system is brought back into a parasympathetic state, then many symptoms, both the physical and the psychological, will be relieved.

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