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Why Liverpool Acupuncture Clinic?

Liverpool Acupuncture Clinic has been in existence for over thirty years. During that time many people have benefited from our expertise and have recommended us to their friends and family.

We are dedicated to giving the highest standard of individual care. We offer a friendly, professional service and effective treatment to support you on your journey back to good health.

About Rachael

Rachael is a fully licensed Acupuncturist who is trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine to degree level. She has an holistic approach and will complete a detailed consultation with you prior to any treatment to address the root cause of any symptoms you may be experiencing rather than just treating the symptoms.

Acupuncture works cumulatively so the more treatments you have the more effective it is! At initial consultation we can device a treatment plan aimed at achieving your health goals.

My main areas of specialism include but are not limited to: Pain Management, Women’s Health and Fertility, Digestive issues, Headaches & Migraines, Respiratory, and Auto-immune conditions.

Treatments available are: Acupuncture, Facial Acupuncture , Electro-Acupuncture, Cupping, and Moxa therapy.

About Karen

Karen is a fully qualified Acupuncturist completing her degree in acupuncture at the prestigious College of Acupuncture in York in 2018.  Over the years Karen has developed vast experience working with both adults and children with cancers, auto immune disease, allergies and digestive disorders as well as many other states of imbalance.  She now specialises in Fertility and Women’s health.

Having first-hand experience of the power of many different approaches, Karen works 1-1 with our clients preparing tailored health solutions and individualised treatment plans.  As a fully qualified Homeopath she is also able to provide dietary and lifestyle interventions.​

About Helen

Helen changed her career path after receiving K.O.R.E therapy and Acupuncture treatment for migraines and chronic neck & back pain.
After trying lots of different treatments before, it was not until discovering  K.O.R.E and Acupuncture that Helen found the relief she had been searching for.

K.O.R.E therapy is based on the body’s neurological system – it integrates both eastern and western assessment and treatment techniques utilising muscular strength and individual body systems to identify the root cause of the condition.

Helen has a diploma in K.O.R.E and Acupuncture.  The therapies she offers incorporate many different Eastern and Western medicine techniques including Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Tuina (spinal massage), neck release, Qi Gong (energy work), Anmo Fu (stomach/organ massage) and more!

It is Helen’s passion to help others on their own journey of healing using these practises.

About Tam

Tamar trained as a Clinical Reflexologist and holds a level 5 diploma, specialising in areas of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, stress and anxiety and is currently studying Limbic Reflexology, to deepen knowledge of treating people with conditions such as CFS, Fibromyalgia, Depression, MS and Parkinson’s. 

Treatments that Tamar offers are full investigatory sessions, covering all systems of the body and will always include an initial consultation to hold space and discuss main areas of concern. Individual treatment plans are created to target those areas and sessions will always bring relaxation and balancing to help restore homeostasis, so the body can heal and thrive. A course of weekly sessions is recommended for acute conditions, moving to fortnightly or monthly sessions once healing has begun.

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Our commitment to you

To listen
We take time to listen so we can fully understand your health concerns. More than anything we want you to feel your normal, healthy self again.
To provide effective treatment
We are committed to continually updating our skills and knowledge so we can provide the best, most effective treatment. If we feel we can’t help we will say.
Treatment by fully qualified Acupuncturists
All acupuncturists have a degree or post graduate qualification in acupuncture from a BAAB accredited course and have completed further training in the areas in which they specialise.
To provide safe treatment
Acupuncturists at the clinic are fully insured and abide by the codes of safety and good practice for their respective professional bodies.

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