Acupuncture For Male Fertility

Male Fertility Issues

Poor fertility in men is more common than previously thought – it is probably a factor in over 60 percent of cases of infertility and the main reason for couples attending an IVF clinic. Male infertility can be due to genetic factors, childhood illness and malformation or obstruction, but a large percentage is unexplained and thought to be due to dietary or lifestyle factors, such as smoking, being overweight, environmental pollutants and poor diet causing low levels of antioxidants.

How male fertility acupuncture can help

Western medicine tends to bypass the problem of there being too few healthy sperm to fertilise an egg naturally by using  IVF and ICSI – which involves injecting sperm directly into the egg. However as children conceived through IVF and ICSI have a slightly higher risk of birth defects compared to children conceived naturally, it  makes sense to try to  improve your sperm quality naturally through acupuncture and making changes to your diet and lifestyle. You will feel better for it and if your sperm respond well then you may be able to conceive naturally.

A number of clinical studies have found that acupuncture can  lead to a significant improvement in sperm quality and motility. It is thought that acupuncture may enhance male fertility by improving hormone levels and testicular blood flow and by reducing inflammation and stress levels which have an adverse effect on male fertility.

Male fertility acupuncture treatment is scheduled once or twice a week over a period of 5-10 weeks, together with dietary and lifestyle advice.

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